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Founded in 1976, Saimai Company has been engaged in special coating projects such as international trade, rubber and plastic products, ships and large bridges.   The company adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Careful Service”. With the full support of people from all walks of life, the business has developed rapidly and won unanimous praise in the industry.   In 2003, the company introduced advanced equipment, advanced technology and outstanding talents from abroad, and invested in the establishment of Guangzhou Saima Food Machinery Co., Ltd. to manufacture and sell a series of baked food machinery such as tunnel furnace, cradle furnace, hot air rotary furnace and mixer. With a high starting point, high-quality business philosophy, with advanced technology, advanced processing equipment to establish a comprehensive product design, production and sales as one integrated service system.   In 2010, the company directly introduced the globally advanced baking equipment manufacturing technology from Japan, and successfully developed a full-automatic automatic baking production line for moon cakes, cakes, hamburgers, shredded bread lines and meat muffins.   With the spirit of innovation, pursuit of perfection, and actively respond to the national call, the pursuit of the best combination of environmental protection and performance, through continuous improvement of product structure, so that environmentally friendly, energy-saving products become the industry leader, products are exported to all parts of the country And Southeast Asia.
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